Our Mission

For us as farmers, land cultivation is more than producing vegetables and fruits.

We believe that everyone through their daily food choices can change the world – be it their own world, that of their relatives, and of local communities. The sum total of these choices multiplied by 7 billion of the dwellers of the Earth can shape the global situation. However, it all starts with the content of a single plate of food. So why don’t you make sure that yours is full of fresh, juicy, organic vegetables and fruit, and start your change today!

The idea of ​​organic farming was started by a group of enthusiasts of social responsibility with regards to growing agricultural products. Healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetables were grown with the respect for the environment and distributed by farmers in their closest communities, most often among the neighbours.

Prominence was given to proper soil cultivation, such as fertilizing with natural compost or sowing special plants in autumn which enriched the soil as they were decomposing. Other methods were the crop diversity and crop rotation which, when properly applied, increased the fertility of the soil. There was no problem with pesticides or certifications because for those farmers farming was a deeply-rooted vocation, more akin to a mission than a mere profit-making job.

Over the time, however, organic farming proved to be such a high-income business that those who were attracted not by the idea itself, but by a desire to get rich, started to engage in it. Therefore, a system of certificates and norms had to be created to control, even if partly, labelling of organic products. So, this is how a giant industry has come to being which, although respecting the ban on the most poisonous pesticides, has little to do with the original idea.

Today’s organic farms in the world (especially in the United States) are often huge establishments which specialize in one or several products, which however are not fully nutritious due to the depleted soil there. The specialization of individual organic farms often means long transport: products are moved thousands of kilometers, which defies the meaning of ecology – not only because the natural resources (e.g. oil) are exhausted, but also because transportation significantly pollutes the environment.

Our Eco Farm pays tribute to the first ecologists. We cultivate their idea through the respect for the land, love for the nature, care for the highest nutritional value of the products which we grow, and through sharing knowledge about the deeply understood ecology. This makes our vegetables and fruit highly appreciated by e.g. producers of organic baby food, as for years they have been passing most rigorous tests, and with excellent results, too.

Locally grown seasonal products have far more nutrients than those imported from the other end of the world. It is extremely important that the time between harvesting of vegetables and fruit and the moment of their consumption is as short as possible, because after 3 days they lose a lot of nutritional values.

Also, our freshly harvested crops do not need to be transported thousands of kilometers, so no chemical preservatives are applied on them, which makes us friendly on the planet. As farmers, we offer products only from our own crops, and we guarantee the minimum time between harvesting and fulfilling an order. Without unnecessary intermediaries whose engagement extends the time to the plate. Without applying unnecessary margins.