Olga Gębka

For twenty-several years of her life she was an ordinary consumer displaying an average physical condition – having a few extra kilos, suffering from constant fatigue, and with a state of well-being towards the poorish end of the scale. However, one day a moment of awakening came. A radical change to Olga’s diet and taking up regular physical exercises have brought the expected results. For 5 years now, she has been on a gluten-free plant diet. She loves to experiment with recipes, and her enthusiasm encourages others to change their unhealthy eating habits, too. Her motto is: "Eat for your health!" She is a lover of ecological and natural care cosmetics. Her Zodiac sign is a scorpion - stubborn, but consistent.

Łukasz Gębka

| 695 925 535

He grew up in the city, but he always felt best close to the nature. At the age of 9, he moved with his parents to the countryside. After several years, he inherited several hectares of land from his grandfather. At that time he was still a secondary school student, but he decided to take the risk and start farming the small piece of land which became his through inheritance. It wasn't an easy thing to do as he had to learn everything from scratch. While researching the methods of growing vegetables and fruit, he was struck by the amount of chemicals which are used in conventional farming. Out of deep respect for the land and for people who were going to consume the vegetables produced by him, he decided to engage in organic farming. With the growing awareness of the appropriate treatment of land, the need for healthy nutrition also increased. Today, vegetables and fruit from Łukasz are synonymous with the highest quality (which is confirmed by numerous tests).

Katarzyna Chobenko

| 661 426 199

From her young years, her greatest love were “all creatures great and small." Her empathy and the belief that everyone, including animals, has the right to a decent life, were the reasons to eliminate meat from her diet. This dietary choice led Katarzyna to systematically broadening her knowledge in this field. For years, she has been professionally associated with the food industry, and she holds the European certificate of Food Quality Specialist. Her expertise in food production technologies has convinced her that a good future for every dweller of our planet lies in a diet based exclusively on vegan organic products. The main values for Katarzyna to pursue in her life are: learning new things and broadening her knowledge, tolerance, freedom, and respect, with a high dose of humor and distance to oneself. She also takes interest in Judaism and the history of Polish Jews.

Milena Lebiedzińska Okoń

| 661 967 837

Milena shows a positive attitude towards the world and the people, and she optimistically welcomes whatever life brings to her. The world of numbers and accounts has been close to her from her early years, so she firmed up on her career in this way by studying Finance and Accounting at the University of Łódź. She approaches each task conscientiously and ambitiously until she reaches the expected result. Her analytic mind, patience, and calmness help her at work and to pacify conflicts. She loves animals, good films, and music. Travelling, sightseeing, and enjoying nature are her ways to break away from the daily routine.

Daniel Spina

| 881 305 520

Daniel was born in Italy. He comes from its sunny part where, close to the seaside, olive groves and vineyards are predominant. He is an agronomist by education. From a young age, he worked with his dad on a family farm. As he grew up, he left southern Italy to travel and see the world. He is an advocate of healthy eating and active lifestyle. He is fascinated by the nature which surrounds us, and passionate about travels and extreme sports. His distinguishing marks are his positive attitude and a big smile.

Maria Gębka

Her task is to make sure that each dish prepared on the Farm has an unique taste and aroma. She is a conscientious and hard-working person who spreads her joy onto people around her. Maria lives in harmony with nature. Her passion is music: she is a member of a folk band. Also, she takes interest in herbal and natural medicines. Maria is convinced that the gifts of nature can give us a remedy to any disease which happens to affect us.

Małgorzata Antonkiewicz

| 730 167 660

She is a handywoman around the farm. She is so filled with energy that she could easily spread it onto several other people. Małgorzata is an irreplaceable, reliable, and very hard-working good soul of the Świętokrzyska Farm. Thanks to her good organization skills no-one has to worry about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Obviously customers are the most important for her, but on the other hand she never forgets about the hard work and devotion of the employees. Her life motto is: "It is not the customer who I care about, it is the employee about whom I care as I know that because of this the employee is going to take good care of the customer." Despite her numerous duties related to staff management, Małgorzata can find time for gardening. Every seed which she sows is right from the start gifted with her positive energy, and subsequently it is chaffed and properly watered, and then produces sprouts and grows well so that it can reach your home as a nicely grown product.

Luba Werbicka

| 785 585 666

Always smiling, Luba is always good-willing and eager to help. A very hardworking person, she takes good care about organizing her work. Her task is also to make sure that our vegetables are always packed and delivered to the customers on time. Thanks her work on the farm, she has discovered her passion for gardening. She loves animals, especially cats. She likes traveling and meeting new people.

Mariusz Antonkiewicz

| 665 910 645

Mariusz is a rebel with a soul of an angel. He is very active and quick in action. He loves farming and it is thanks to his commitment to watching over the plantations and over the proper development and growth of plants including their nutrition and protection, that the Świętokrzyska Farm can offer you a wide variety of organic vegetables. Mariusz and Małgorzata form together a duo for whom no mission is impossible!

Jolanta Banach

Jolanta is a graduate from a horticulture faculty. She treats with motherly care even the smallest crop which grows on the Świętokrzyska Farm. It is thanks to her commitment and work that we can eat delicious and healthy vegetables. She likes to spend her free time relaxing with friends and relatives, preferably in the nature.

Aneta Otręba

You see Anna’s work behind every beautifully wrapped-up package which we deliver to the customers. She puts a lot of energy, time, and heart into her work. A loving mother who devotes all her free time to her family, she loves to relax over a good book and listening to her favorite music.

Magdalena Łata

Magda is our retail sales specialist. She is the first point of contact for customers: from those who are very satisfied with our services to those whose expectations we somehow have failed to fulfill. Magda is a very ambitious person and always willing to help. Nothing ever scares her and she knows how to solve every problem. Her passion is to overcome the obstacles, not only on the farm ;-) She loves mountain climbing, as reaching mountain peaks fills her with a feeling of satisfaction and joy. Her adventure with ecology on our farms is only beginning, but even before she liked the healthy lifestyle.

Ewa Kwiatkowska

An incurable optimist, Ewa always has a smile on her face. She is a joyful and kind person, always eager to lend others a helping hand. She sets ambitious goals to herself and then sees them to completion. She keeps her promises, and she values patience, honesty, and tolerance. She is far from shy, and she enjoys talking to people. Working with others gives her a sense of accomplishment and great satisfaction.

Sebastian Bellon

Nice, eager for life, and always willing to help others. Sebastian’s characteristic feature is his big smile which he knows how to spread even to those in the depths of sadness. His thoroughness and commitment to the tasks entrusted to him make him always deliver the goods to our customers on time.

Krzysztof Dudek

He is always cheerful, and punctual. He likes working with people and is not afraid of taking up any challenges. His big strengths are: resourcefulness when solving crisis situations, and openness in interpersonal contacts. He enjoys being in the nature and spending free time actively with friends.

Barbara Romanowska

Barbara comes from Kędzierzyn-Koźle. In her earlier years she was spending most of her life in sports halls as a volleyball player. Every now and then she had to move to another city in order to pursue her career as an athlete. In 2013, she came to Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski and stayed here for good. She finished her volleyball career and took up her engagement with the Świętokrzyska Farm. As a player, she used to attack the ball but now the roles have turned: customers come onto her to attack her with their orders

Kinga Duszyńska

She is a geologist who has realized that the adventure with Mother Earth does not have to be limited to the layers of the rocks only. That is why for many years now she has been deepening her knowledge in the field of dietetics. She is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and she propagates it avidly. She looks for natural solutions in every area of his life, and her life motto is: "Even a small habit can bring about a big result."

Beata Pietrzyk

Beata is a calm, modest, and hard-working person. Many years ago Beata changed her eating habits and switched to veganism, thus discovering her new passion in composing dishes. It was after she had read a book called "The Way to Health". People can notice her passion for cooking in every product. Fine-tuned recipes for every product make her win the hearts of even the most demanding customers. She is never short of good ideas, and she takes her inspiration from books and from good TV programs. She devotes her free time to her family, and takes up fitness as a hobby.

Aleksandra Kasprzyk

Aleksandra is polite, calm, and always smiling. She has abandoned accounting and now she rediscovers herself in a more dynamic job as a sales manager. Her diligence, accuracy, and ability to work with customers enable her to cope well in any situation. She spends her free time actively and doesn't like to be bored. She loves hiking in the mountains, riding a bike, and in the winter she has a good time on a snowboard. On overcast days she finds her entertainment doing handicrafts which she then gives as gifts to her family and friends. She has got a crazy soul of an animal loving artist.

Marlena Machula

Nice and cheerful, she is the life and soul of every company. She likes people and therefore she is not shy of engaging even with the most challenging customers. She is always available to come to help, and gladly offers advice to our customers. Marlena has got many years of experience in customer service, which enables her to freely operate in retail sales in our company. She loves biking trips and working in her garden. She appreciates every smallest plant and animal, and deeply believes in their value for the planet Earth. She cherishes family life, therefore she spends every free moment with her family and her beloved son.

Diana Pońska

Diana is a nice and well-meaning person, always happy to help others. Her creative, artistic soul helps her run social media activities for the Świętokrzyska Farm. Travelling is her passion: she loves visiting new places, and learning other cultures. She goes skiing in the winter and cycling in the summer. Her lifestyle is very active, she eats healthy foods, and loves cooking.

Klaudia Lipska

She is a nice and well-meaning person, always happy to lend others a helping hand. Logistics is her passion. She ensures that every load arrives at the right time and to the right place. In her work she tries to use the "7W" method. Cooperating with the whole team is a challenge for her, therefore she sets new goals for herself and chooses to strive for perfection in her profession. She is an ambitious and firm person. She likes a healthy and active lifestyle, and she is interested in organic food, which has been part of her diet for a very long time. She spends her free time in the gym and on long bike trips. This job allows her to combine business with pleasure, because she specializes in logistics and transport, and she loves a healthy lifestyle!